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You are serious about building up a business on the internet. You have created your website or Blog and feel that you would now like to start publishing an associated newsletter and building up a list of subscribers. You have looked at some other well established websites in your area of interest and have noticed that they seem to use the AWeber Autoresponder Service to manage their mailing lists.

You have also noticed many respected Gurus recommend AWeber. You have therefore signed up to AWeber, logged into your new account for the first time and PANIC!

Confused and bewildered by the vast range of options available your heart sinks to the floor and you quickly log out and sit dazed and confused in front of your computer. All I want to do is add a newsletter sign-up box to my Blog you cry!

Do not fear; help is at hand!

AWeber is a very powerful and feature packed Autoresponder Service. It offers it's users a vast array of options which may seem totally overwhelming. Yet, by working your way through this illustrated, step-by-step, guide I am going to show you how easy it actually is to configure AWeber and use it to get your first mailing list up and running.

This Guide takes over from, where my Guide Opening An AWeber Account Made Simple ends and assumes that you have already opened an AWeber account.

Although being just under 150 pages long AWeber Made Simple is packed with screen shots and split into 10 "bite size" easy to follow, step-by-step, illustrated lessons:

Lesson 1: How an Autoresponder works
Lesson 2: Configuring your first Mailing List
Lesson 3: Creating your webpages
Lesson 4: Setting up your "Please Confirm" email
Lesson 5: Setting up your "Thank You For Subscribing" email
Lesson 6: Creating your Sign-Up Form
Lesson 7: How to insert your SIgn-Up Form into a webpage
Lesson 8: How to insert your Sign-Up Form into a Blog
Lesson 9: Setting up an Autoreponder Message Sequence
Lesson 10: How to send a Broadcast Message (newsletter)

Each Lesson ends with a checklist to ensure you have carried out the main tasks for that lesson.

Included as an Appendix is a guide to the most common AWeber Variables and how to use them.

This eBook is in PDF format so should be readable on any computer which has Acrobat 5.0, or newer, installed.

So what are you waiting for? End your frustration and buy it today!

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